Moving? Don’t forget to take your pets!!

Moving? Don’t forget your pets! Your pets need you. All too often, people decide that pets, cats in particular, can fend for themselves as natural predators. This just simply isn’t true, not once they’ve been domesticated and have become accustomed to a warm, dry home with dependable food. Even if your furry friend came to you as a stray and hasn’t relied on you his or her whole life, he or she has grown to trust you and love you. If left out on their own, an abandoned pet faces harsh weather conditions, wild animals, disease, starvation and dehydration, as well as a feeling of rejection and loss. So if you find yourself pulling up stakes and setting off to make roots somewhere else, be sure to include Fluffy and Fido in your plans! Pets are a lifelong commitment, so if you are not able to take them with you, commit to finding them a new good home. Ask your vet or local shelter for assistance if needs be.

Rudie in a suitcase

Rudie wants to go wherever I go, fur-ever and ever! Luckily, Rudie loves suitcases, as well as cat carriers, bags, and other assorted “cat caves.”

If you’re lucky, either your furry friends found their furever homes with you after you’d found your own furever home, or if you’ve had to move with pets, you haven’t moved far, and have never had the joy of long-distance pet travel.

Maybe I should say cat travel. Dogs tend to enjoy the car, and potty stops along the way can easily be remedied with a leash, something that dogs are typically used to. Cats on the other hand can be an extra handful on the long-distance road…

About 11 years ago, (more…)


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How are your pets faring in the Summer heat? And what are you doing with all that fur?

Temperatures are soaring almost everywhere, and many have a lot to complain about, even those of us without furry coats.  While we humans have more opportunity to go swimming or to the mall to stay cool, chances are your furry friends started working on their relief months ago as they started shedding their extra winter coat, and I’ll bet the fur’s still flying if your pets are anything like my cats. (more…)

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At long last – The Smudge

Today’s post is about the mighty The Smudge. Her name has proved very appropriate over the years, in many ways.

The first way’s the easiest, and perhaps the most obvious:  She was born into it, a mostly white cat with patches on her face, a stripey tail, she even has random spots on the backs of her legs & the bottom of her paws.  Looking like a white cat that’s got into some Smudge-y trouble, her markings make her ridiculously cute.  A friend once imagined her as a stripey cat that fell into some white paint and managed to keep her tail, nose and parts of her head just above the paint level. (more…)

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Q: What’s orange with stripes and goes into baskets?

Nope, it’s not a basketball.

Rudie steals the show again. I promise, I have some premium footage of Smudge playing and shedding & generally being awesomely cute, a Smudge-post 98% written, I just have a few old pictures I want to dig up to illustrate a few points.  And I was even going to do that today!  I might still now that I have this post under wraps.

But Rudie.  Oh, Rudie.

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Kitty Litter Cake Part 2: The recipe

Alright! So I did mention that last post on litter was partly inspired by a discussion of Kitty Litter Cake. A friend had posted on FaceBook that certain words should never be put together, “Baby Diaper Cake” being the catalyst, and “Kitty Litter Cake” coming up promptly in the discussion.
But yes, with all the crazy cake concepts possible with a little creativity, there are ways of making tasty delightful treats that look really really awful. And it’s perfect for a Hallowe’en party or maybe that birthday celebration you’re planning for Fluffy.
Yes, I’ve thrown a few cat birthday parties. Well, two. Buckaroo’s 15th was pretty awesome, as was Smudge’s 10th later that year.   (more…)

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Have your cake & eat it, too.

I’ve been thinking of cat litter lately.  Well, technically I think about it every day as I scoop the box or sweep the litter track, or just get a face-full of cat butt with a random clinging granule.  But ever since a friend on FaceBook suggested Kitty Litter Cake was a good topic to use here, I’ve been thinking about it a little more.

Aside from a few brief interruptions, I’ve used the same brand for maybe 15 years, a highly recognizable scooping clumping multiple-cat formula that does a darn good job at what it’s supposed to do, and was favored by both Buckaroo and Smudge.  But now I have the Oranges, and they’re both… weird. (more…)

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Rudie’s obsessive compulsive antics strike again

I wish I could channel Rudie’s energies and focus towards productive activities.  But he’s a cat, a particularly silly cat at that.

I needed a break from work and it was a beautiful day. I sat outside for a bit, wearing sandals. I needed an excuse to stay out there longer and it occurred to me my toenails could get their first coat of nail polish for the season. A little on the girly side for me, but I like the bits of color sticking out of my sandals, to me it goes hand in hand with warm weather. That took entirely too little time, so I went for my fingernails as well. As I painted, Rudie came along and, well, decided he had to do SOMEthing. Has to be seen to be believed: (more…)

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